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One of my favourite aspects of wedding photography is when there are children who have their own cameras and really want to learn more and have a keen interest in the art of photography.

At a recent wedding, a young boy was walking around with his camera, with some real presence.

The more I watched him the more intrigued I was to find out just how much he knew and what he was seeing through the lens.

Eventually, after a few hours we got talking and Adam started to follow me around.

During the speeches he stood as I stood, where I stood and even sat where I sat and so on.

I managed to find some time where I was able to chat with him, try and find out just how much he knows about using his equipment.

I was amazed with just how much knowledge and real passion Adam showed for not only his photography but for wanting to find out as much as he possibly could from me.

I spent some time with Adam, chatting and explaining a few bits which I hope he managed to take on board and has utilised since.

His whole presence and the way he held his camera, oozed confidence with his skills.

Normally when someone would ask if they can follow me around during a wedding the answer is a definitive "No" but this young man was different.

There are lots of resources out there to learn from, the older generation can utilise those areas that may not always be accessible to children.

I was only too happy to allow him to tag along with me where possible.

Not only did he have the presence and confidence using his camera but he was exceptionally well dressed and as a photographer who dresses for the occasion myself at any wedding I shoot or attend, he is certainly looking the part in all aspects.

Adam, you have a lot of potential and you should keep going.

This is the quality of his work and his ability now.

Copyright Adam McDonough 2016

Image (c) Adam McDonough 2016

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