Family Photography

family photography

Family Photography

Fun, relaxed and friendly family photography in Preston and Chorley by Chris Smith Photographic

I thoroughly enjoy Family Photography and working with children.

It is one of the real fun aspects of my work that allows me to capture the true fun and innocence of the children.

Having their photographs taken does not have to be boring and mean sitting in front of a camera and having a stranger asking them to smile and say "cheese" which is something I never do.

Approaching family photography in a fun way and encouraging the children and families to be themselves.

Making sure that I talk to you and put the children at their ease right away, allows for me to make sure that I am providing as much interest as possible while getting the images that you, mum and dad want.

 Always trying to make sure that I use a couple of my favourite locations for the photo shoots as I know them well and it allows me to find the right locations for the backgrounds and to make the images as appealing as possible.

However, if you have a preferred location, I am always willing to check it out and find the right locations for your shoot.

When I am working with you, it is about you and your children and to make sure that we get the best out of them.

From a recent family photography shoot in Avenham Park in Preston. Annabelle and Jack had their photos taken for their mum and dad.

family photography
Jack in Avenham Park, Preston
family photography
Annabelle in Avenham Park, Preston

Whilst it was cold and damp we made the most of the weather and found those spots to get the lovely autumn colours and made sure we had fun whilst doing it.

Two great children who both thoroughly enjoyed being in front of my cameras despite at first being unsure and somewhat nervous.

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