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First Found in Manchester

UPDATE to this: First Found made contact after reading my blog and offered to refund my monies and also a compensatory settlement was made. As part of that agreement I agreed to update my blog and the other posts to reflect the outcome. In the interests of clarity it is important for everyone to fully research any and all SEO providers before contracting them. From experience I would not trust any company who claims to put you on page 1 of google or offers SEO, you can do it yourself with a little reading, the only reason I didn't was for time but now I just manage the time and don't pay people to do something they can not guarantee.

First Found Manchester - recently I have had some issues with website search engine optimisation and the company named above, First Found Manchester. On 11th January 2016 I appointed First Found of Manchester to optimise my website for specific keywords that relate to the content and business purpose of the website, wedding photography.

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